Training for Freshers

The Imperience regularly conducts free training course in P.A.M. The course is held on Second Saturday and the following Sunday of every month at selected centres.

Unlike the other prevailing methods of training courses, the course does not proceed in a linear fashion from introducing the theoretical structures built upon several levels of complex ideas. The two-day course even as it would be found later in the journey to Infinity, is structured in such a way as to peel off layers and deeper layers of understanding.

The various concepts are introduced and reintroduced several times under different concept structures for understanding the manner in which the Reality is covered by the manifold folds of mysteriously simple layers of consciousness.

Thus the course provides for an interlocking matrix in which every concept structure would be appreciated as integral to the whole. Every topic is distinctly treated and while it can be treated as a part yet it contains the whole.

The course has a practical base of meditative experience. An adept in meditation guides the meditation that is of a duration of half-an-hour. four sessions of meditation are thus conducted and every trainee gets a first hand experience of the Unique Pranahuti or Unique Transmission of Divine grace.**

These guided meditations are conducted in a balanced manner and as a matter of fact the course ends with the guided meditation.

If the trainee does not participate in the meditation the course is treated as incomplete. The various concept structures, which are to some extent theoretically explained and taught gain meaning during the meditation, as assiduous trainee would find.

Our teaching material is essentially the guided meditation. The adepts in meditation introduce the various topics, and which are interwoven and carry their personal signature of experience/ imperience.

This is supplemented by giving literature on the course and the system of meditation and various meditational techniques. All conventional gadgets of teaching are used according to the need.

The training is free. Persons who desire accommodation to stay are provided simple dormitory type rooms. Simple and holistic food is provided on both the days. The relationship of the taught and the teacher is maintained at the lowest level as the ISRC has the firm conviction that the course is not only for the new trainee but is also for the trainer.

An atmosphere of fraternal partnership prevails during the course, which has to be experienced to be believed.

While all are welcome to participate in the training program no one is compelled to join the ISRC. Membership to ISRC is totally free and those who desire to practice the method of meditation and adopt the natural way of living advocated by PAM can join.

For those who join ISRC the training continues, until they reach the Goal. This training is also free.

** For detailed information on meditational experiences see link to meditational experiences.

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Note: Persons between the age of 18 and 60 years can register for the introductory course

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