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this knot fully. As a matter of fact this knot has such a control over the other 4 knots of Pind-desh that it is necessary to clean and perform Yatra in this plane several times. The influence of this earthly center over the other centres is such that tradition represented the divine serpent as a five hooded one (Adisesha). The serpent, it must be remembered is a creature of the soil (Earth).
The state of mind at the first knot at the time of laya is a quiet mind unperturbed during adversities and miseries as well as during joy and happiness and the aspirant is balanced in viewing everything from the understanding that all that is and happens is just and proper. The awareness of the presence of Divinity every where make's one understand the nature of the Divine as a Samavarthi or dispenser of justice. The state of balancedness is developed to the extent that he has just and due attachment to everything as an expression of that Consciousness that is the base of all. Knowing everything as an expression of that Consciousness he feels nothing as his own and abides in due attachment to all that is even as a trustee. He

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