P. 85

"mattah parataram nanyat kinchidasti Dhananjaya" gains meaning in the consciousness of the aspirant. Our beloved Master states that, "I felt an ubiquitous force present in every animate and inanimate object and particle. I was drowned in the sea of wonder. I felt God pervading everything like a broad daylight." "During my abhyas or practice I felt a strange experience that everything in the world even the bricks and stones, leaves and flowers, were radiating the force of Divinity all over and liking and devotion were so great that I wanted to embrace thistles in love".
Tradition has it that even Divine beings must be born as human beings, in order to attain Salvation and Liberation. The implication is that the experiences of the physical plane, the element Earth, have to be gone through and spiritual escapism will not do. The earth is the testing plane of the spirit. Viewed from this point it becomes clear how important it is that one should have full understanding of the relative nature of things, feelings, persons and forces in the back drop of pure consciousness or in other words undergo Yatra in

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