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that at somewhat advanced stages we have to face what may be expressed as the slippery condition of the place. There we may sometimes go up a little but soon slip down again. The same thing happens again and again with the result that higher ascent becomes arduous and well-nigh impracticable. Under the circumstances it is only a forceful push by the worthy Master that can bring us out of the whirlpool. It is needless to state that the intricacies one has developed in the Knots as they evolved are the individual idiosyncrasies that they exhibit. The importance of Pranahuti in sadhana cannot be over emphasized to overcome these intricacies and idiosyncrasies.
Studying astral body: It is often required to note the condition of the aspirant. Though external behaviour and attitudes reflect to a considerable extent the condition, as also the features of the eyes etc., there is an absolute need to study the internal condition of the person through the inner eye. It is generally stated that we should have the astral form of the abhyasi before us, and study. This is confused as a physical presence of the astral form. The

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