P. 79

We have formed many impressions due to our actions and reactions in this life and well as in the past. So long as these impressions condition our ways of thinking and behaving we are under their binds. These binds get located in the various knots according to their nature. One has to go through the consequences of one's action due to the inviolable law of Karma which governs all according to the Universal Order or Rtam. Bhog is a word we use while we go through the effects of our actions. Master however states 'Bhog does not only mean undergoing the effect of our past actions but it really means passing through the process of unfolding the intricacies of the point which we have already arrived at. Our stay at these points for the purpose of Bhog is often very long and in most cases it is almost impossible to get out of it by mere self-effort. It may, however, be possible at a few preliminary stages but subsequently it becomes quite impracticable. It has been observed that most of the sages of the past who had tried it by self-effort only, remained lingering for whole life on the very first or the second stage and could not cross it. The fact is

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