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{All memory of his original source or home-land is now forgotten, and as action follows action the shell around him gets harder and harder and his memory of the source gets fainter and fainter, until it is almost completely forgotten. Rev. Babuji}
Creative descent and formation of Knots.
Rev. Babuji’s work, “Towards Infinity” is one of the rare books in the field of spirituality. The book gives an account of the progress and of the experiences as the sadhaka passes from one state of development to the other. These stages or bhumikas of Reality or essence of being are indeed formed for each individual ray of existence or soul through a process of creative descent. These are called knots or Grandhis, each describing a particular law and form of its own, and have in a sense made for the bondage and sorrow of the individual sadhaka. It is but natural that the soul or individual who has formed his descent should aspire

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