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Sahasrara, is impeded on account of the unpurified state of the point. Thus it does not connect itself with the subtle state of the Sahasrara but gets diverted towards lower planes of materialism. In Rajayoga the Kundalini force goes with a bow-like curve with almost a hair-breadth curvature at the centre. This keeps the power confined to its proper natural course leading to finer states of subtleness. In this case, the transformation goes on automatically resulting in the removal of grosser elements there from. Under the circumstances, there is no risk of wrong diversion or misuse.” Master stated in a letter to Dr. K.C.V. (9/9/1964) that “ I may tell you that in our system of sadhana the three chakras, the Nabhi, the Swadhisthana and the Mooladhara are taken up at the very end in quite a natural course. Rather I may say that Nature herself takes them up then.”
It is earnestly hoped that the above stated facts regarding various powers and the role of Kundalini and shat chakra sadhana will make it clear that the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ramchandraji is entirely different from the traditional systems of

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