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All seekers have struggled to understand the path and achieve the complete mergence in the Ultimate. In the process of such evolution some were satisfied with marginal understanding and some others continued in their search ceaselessly for a perfect understanding by personal experience so as to help other serious seekers also.
We find one such serious aspirant in Revered Sri K.C. Narayana who has all through his life given utmost importance to sadhana. It is no wonder that the Master Sri Ram Chandraji bestowed on him various benedictions as detailed hereunder
 25-03-1967 11-01-1969
23-06-1969 28-09-1969
15-12-1969 18-04-1970
07-01-1971 29-04-1971
Permitted to give training.
at 10.42 PM crossed Brahmanda Mandal.
Grown Dynamic in spiritual life.
3/4ths yatra in Para Brahmanda completed.
Crossed Para Brahmanda.
Master writes, “A greater responsibility of the Mission lies on you.
Preparing for Central Region.
“The burden of work of your father (Dr. K.C.Varadachari) has also come on your shoulders.

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