P. 49

‘My latest discovery in this connection is that Kundalini contains in a finer form all the particles which are present in the Sahasrara. There are cells in it which resemble closely the brain cells with the only difference that those in the Kundalini have a conical shape. When awakened in a matured state, the conical shape of the Kundalini cells begin to transform into a roughly round shape with its top- point projecting a little upwards. It is only after this transformation that this powerful energy takes up the natural course of action directed towards Godly work. In case of forced awakening, as in Hatha yoga the conical shape of cells remain unchanged. In that case its utility in the spiritual field is practically nil and the power aroused thereby is in almost all cases diverted towards the material plane, resulting in numerous untold evils. If the same condition i.e. the conical formation settles down on other centres or chakras, the vice may be unlimited and may finally result in the formation of a demon of the worst type. This was exactly the case with Ravana whose entire cells connected with all the vital centres or chakras including the Kundalini had become rigidly conical

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