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realm of thought we feel continuity of being in all thoughts. The balance is the most important lesson that Rta teaches us and one lives according to that lesson.
We have been considering the nature of the Kosas that bind us and the basic frame of reference we have accepted so far is the traditional one having its origin in the Upanishads. We have also considered as to how the practice of Pranahuti Aided Meditation will assist us in clearing our path and enable us to move forward in spiritual life. We shall now look into the realms beyond the Anandamaya Kosa promised as achievable during our life time in this system.
Ananda is not the final state and we have to go beyond Ananda or Bliss is by itself a difficult concept to understand. Knowledge fails after the Vijnanamaya Kosa is what we have seen earlier. Understanding also fails after Anandamaya Kosa. However let us see with the super conscious impregnated buddhi that has become possible

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