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out of the mind-flux of the individual through the craving for non-existence and yoga sadhana.
When we die, we carry the samskaras in the first four kosas and vasanas in the Anandamaya kosa and when we are reborn they remain in the subconscious mind, influencing our thoughts, words and actions. Just as wind carries the pleasant smell of the rose garden or the obnoxious smell of putrid matter as it blows over them, the samskaras and vasanas carried by us contains the pleasant and unpleasant (still enjoyed) actions- from our past lives.
Actions done with good intent lead to a propitious rebirth whereas those done with evil intent lead to a rebirth under unfavourable conditions. Every act must have its consequences, this is a universal law. The samskaras and vasanas transmigrate from birth to birth, being never lost, and as driving forces, colour and motivate one’s attitudes and future actions. Innate urges and habits of our previous births are vasanas. Their effects colour our minds and our actions in the present existence.

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