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The active aspect of chitta offers information to the mental screen of manas. When manas is not receiving input or it is reduced, the screen is available to receive additional information from chitta, such as past experiences, images, and imagination. The subconscious projects these memories onto the mental screen.
Buddhi is the discriminating faculty, the intellect, comprised of three stages. The highest stage is pure intuitive discrimination. Right knowledge spontaneously appears. It is the inner voice that cuts through all maya or ignorance.
The second stage of buddhi discerns the course of action. Through reasoning and reviewing the issues involved, an answer is presented.
The third and lowest level of buddhi simply responds to the impressions on the screen of manas. It is a basic type of unconscious or instinctual action or reaction, such as when one touches a hot object and immediately retracts the hand. The functions of the mind work together so quickly that they appear as one. Manas receives the

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