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witnessed by ahankar, comprises the three functions of the mind: manas, chitta, and buddhi. Ahankar is the sense of "I." Aham means "I am." Ahankar refers to ego, ranging from the less evolved ‘I-ness to the higher levels of development that yogis attain in meditation.
Manas is the mental screen where all information is witnessed. Information from the senses, the memory bank, and inner guidance are all experienced on this screen of perception. Manas is also the recording instrument for the mind. Everything received is recorded as prints and stored in the memory bank. These prints will continue to appear based on the need and attachment to them. When the prints are no longer given attention or allowed to manifest, they will eventually dissolve. This is called niruddha. This is what Master advises to cultivate through the process of thinking that it is the Master who does every thing.
Chitta serves in the mind as the memory bank. Chitta is both passive and active. As the passive side, it receives and stores all impressions.

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