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cannot be denied. But the same reason is used by the lower mind to explain away many times the problems that we face in day to day life to its advantage.
Sanskrit word pasha is etymologically related to the word peace. Pasha literally means bondage. Yama pasham is a very well known knot or bondage. This bondage we know denotes the tie or pact of the Soul with the things and persons of this world. This implies selfishness and to a certain extent sinfulness also. The lower mind desires this very much. Unless the higher mind takes charge of the lower mind the peace that is obtained by pacts will be the only peace we would understand. As things stand today, the masses are only interested in the peace depending on man-made pacts and / or memorandum of understandings.
The world is full of material, emotional, rational and spiritual ruins today. There may or may not be wars now, but that is applicable in the physical plane only. In the mental, emotional and spiritual planes the fight is on and the peace that

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