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to bridge the gap between the extra sensory and the sensory so that the demands of the Annamaya and Pranamaya Kosas are met.
The Manomaya kosa may be considered for all purposes as the controller of our lower self. It will always try to give some reason or the other for defending the impulsive tendencies and the consequent action. It is capable of reasons defending anger, lust, passion, jealousy, envy and host of other animal and quasi animal tendencies in us.
The lower mind is primary cause for our developing what is usually called character; if it is under control we develop what is known as good character and if not we are said to have bad character. It is to be noted that difficulties of the character persist so long as one yields to them in action when they rise. One has to make a strict rule not to act according to the impulses of anger, ego or whatever the weakness maybe that one wants to get rid off. If one does act in the heat of the moment, it is necessary that one should not justify or persist in the

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