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It uses the lower mental plane to give reasons justifying all its false motives and actions and ‘rationalization’ is its finest invention and it is capable of making Satan’s explanations for folly pale into insignificance. We can give reasons for attending late night dinners affecting harmony in family life, health etc., all for the sake of business interest or social (?) obligations.
It is capable of giving reasons (rationalizations) for greed, exploitation, jealousy, treachery and host of other similar mean qualities of human life. It can give reasons for gluttony of all types and would have cheek to suggest similar behavioral patterns for others.
The Pranamaya Kosa is the one that develops in the Annamaya Kosa, the likes and dislikes, comforts and discomforts relating to that sphere and also in Manomaya Kosa the attractions and repulsions ( Raaga and Dvesha) and is thus a formidable layer of bondage. Further as this is the key for life, it is not easy to have control over the same and gaining moderation in all spheres of life is

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