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The purity of body has to be ensured always and more so during meditation. We are aware that the body has to finally take up the role of being a ‘temple’. Temples naturally cannot be impure. Therefore the body needs to be consecrated to the Divine, the only effective method of keeping it pure. Such a consecration naturally implies external purification also. Taking bath before meditation so that the body is pure is therefore mandatory. Further we should feel that the body – more appropriately the heart in the body – is the place where we are invoking the presence of the Divine. The purity that is demanded has to be understood in all its intensity. All our limbs and sense organs are to be dedicated to the Divine. That alone ensures purity of body. Please note the insistence of the Master in this aspect when he states that phrase “specially adhered to”. This method ensures the purification of the Annamaya Kosa to a large extent and thus having surrendered the body to the Almighty it loses its grip over the aspirant and in fact assists him in the spiritual pursuit.

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