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of the earliest samskara that we all acquired in the present life. Prior to birth we were not this form that we possess and the name to which we respond to and are attached more surely to another Samskara that we acquired in this life. Our direct contact with our true nature enables us to detach ourselves more easily from the body and its limitations. This direct awareness of Self had through imperience, grants us freedom from the fear of death. One can be considered to have got out of the clutches of Annamaya Kosa only when he does not have fear of death. Any amount of intellectual appreciation of the temporary nature of all existences including that of body is not capable of removing the fear of death.
It is also necessary to note that Matter becomes Annamaya Kosa because of the presence of Prana only. This means that it is capable of being a barrier or a layer only because of life in it. Otherwise it is simply earth, water and other elements that constitute the body. Without the presence of Prana it is simply a corpse that will decompose sooner or later. So the impact of Annamaya Kosa would be better appreciated when

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