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work “Towards Infinity.” For developing this Will it is obvious that it is to be used for
1. A good cause, with no selfishness/self interest
2. Withnobleintention,
3. With total faith in the Sovereign Principle
of Justice,
4. AndforaBalancethatfollowsJustice.
5. Needless to say Faith in the Master is a
6. Faith in the nobility of attempt is a must
along with
7. Faithinthedeservancyoftheeffortonthe
part of the aspirant
8. CoupledwithCompassionandLove
9. And an unfailing determination to succeed
in the attempt
10.With a pious and unblemished character
that alone accompanies any Divine effort.
It is obvious for developing these characteristics it is not enough to wish piously and hope that the Almighty will grant the capacity. It is

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