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conditions of perfection. There is no peculiar twist of the eyes supposedly arising out of such spiritual experience, nor are there tears supposed to be representing sublime happiness. The state does not permit any such expression; such stages are passed over much earlier. The condition is one of total dryness and what master calls an experience of ‘dreary waste’. To the best of our knowledge there was no such person as having accomplished this stage except Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur. Since he has accomplished this stage he was conferred the state of Maha Parishad, the highest functional post to be conferred by Nature. In his book ‘Reality at Dawn’ he states “The position of a Maha Parishad is the highest in rank. It is the last godly post and is very rarely bestowed except when nature stands in urgent need of drastic change or an overhauling of the world. He enjoys the highest power. It starts from the right region of the occipital bone as is given in diagram No.5 on page 36, ‘Efficacy of Raja Yoga, IV Edition.’
Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj also states in his book “Commentary on T en Commandments of

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