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Ahankara. This is the laughter of the Master we know. It is with that the author noted how surprising is the laughter of the man (was he?) whose inner life is not understood by many who moved with him and perhaps was considered to be a fool by many. Possibly he was a fool, possibly he was a Divine Fool, with the unconcerned sunny laughter of Liberty, amused by the Play of Ignorance and God- forgetfulness, smiling at the Beauty of Life, inexpressible in any other way than the signs of Joy and Bliss.
Rev. Babuji clarifies very clearly about the condition at this stage in his ‘Efficacy of Rajayoga’. “People may call this stage as Truth. It is not really Truth we have arrived at. Truth has been left behind and we are no more abiding in it. Truth carries with it the sense of something which is not there. Truth is really the refuse of the condition described as ‘Nothingness’. To make it more clear, I would add that generally people admire ‘Truth’ as it appears in the form of consciousness. Consciousness is not our goal. It is only a toy for children to play with. We have to reach a point where consciousness

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