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The Ahankara distorts in the unevolved, the wise Saturnian smile to a saturnine, sardonic or even satanic laughter. For the discerning the difference is obvious.
Similarly the loving smile of Venus may become an irritating erotic giggle or a jealous sneer or turn into an uncontrolled fit of hysteria.
Likewise the victorious self-laughter of Mars may become a mere guffaw, a spiteful laugh or a vulgar demonstration of ego triumph over others.
The spontaneous pure sense of humour of Mercury may turn into a conventional grimace or the grin of the bore.
Even so, the ‘jovial’ laughter of Jupiter may turn into scornful roar or the frightening grimace of the dictator and the smile of Realization and wisdom of the Moon sphere into a mad howling of a lunatic.
But there is no possibility of the bliss, mirth and consequent laughter of the realm of the first ring from the Base, the realm related to the Dawn or the origins of solar manifestation, getting adulterated by

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