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or splendour beyond the realms of Maya and Egoism, where identity begins. We know joy is reflected in the mental plane as happiness, on the emotional plane as enjoyment and on the physical plane as pleasure. Of course in daily usage these words are interchanged. The ego is capable of appropriating and obscuring and consequently distorting any of them. Even the essence of happiness, bliss the ego will try to appropriate. Laughter is an expression of mirth, happiness and enjoyment.
The Master’s laughter captured in the hearts of those who moved with him in the physical plane is ever fresh. Those who came to his fold after His Mahasamadhi may have to satisfy themselves with photographs of the same. For a person who has crossed all levels and living in the Ultimate consciousness it may appear to us a bit odd that he should be mirthful and joyous. The rings of splendour which is experienced as beyond bliss consciousness has its own contribution in the matter.

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