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identity is aware of the work being done. Awareness is the quality of identity and hence ego in a very subtle shade is there. This state of ego is felt near the Prapanna condition where bhakti becomes finer. The worship of the Master started earlier in the gross form in Pind desh undergoes total transformation and continues with bare awareness. Dedication of the individual through every pore of his being is the basic characteristic. The idea can be understood even without the concept of body accompanying this state. It is infact a refinement of the state of Surrender developed in the Pind Desh. The body with eight limbs which describes the condition of one in the state of Surrender (sashtang pranam) gets transformed into the feeling that one is after all an ‘anga’ or limb of the Master. But still the feeling that one is a part of the whole is sufficient for the Master to call that a form of Ego. Such is the sensitiveness that Master exhorts us to develop.
In the next phase of ego this awareness also is gone and one finds that the work is being done automatically and he is not aware of the work before or after the event. It is total unawareness and it is in

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