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This knot is immediately below the crown of the head in the rear side(Fig 17). This is the place where the tuft of the traditional Hindu is found. As a matter of fact in certain sub-sects of south Indian Brahmins the whole area of the sikhara is covered with a particular type of tuft called ‘appala kudimi’. This is the sacred Godly realm. No colour of any type is experienced. Vastness is experienced and the sadhaka feels helpless at the sight of this vastness of nothing.
This is the realm of manifestation at the initial stages. Master puts it as “There is motion. Invisible motions, when multiplying together with the idea of creation, increase the force downwards. The outcome is the innumerable varieties we find in the Universe. It is beyond the ethereal force. Air does not blow there.
This is the most powerful region of God. For your understanding you may call it the Power House for setting the Godly machinery a going. It is very difficult to explain this idea which can only be felt. People may doubt how calmness can abide when motion is there, imperceptible though it be. I would say there is calmness in refined form, and it is

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