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Kosas is a pre-requisite for entry into Central region has been explained with lucidity and courage.
The realms of Divine are discussed in detail purely from practical angle and are entirely based on imperience. Another illuminating area in the book is the chapter on the rings of Egoism. Every aspirant is enabled to find out what is barricading his movement into the simpler and purer realms of Divine existence and also how one is progressively led to the Realms of humility and mere identity in order to become a dynamic instrument. All the information is from experience and his observations while training others. The rings of Maya and rings of Egoism are formidable barriers which needs to be overcome before one is enabled to enter still finer realms of Ego in the Mind region and through rings of Splendour before one enters the Central region in real sense. This has been the experience of some of us that it is the sheer Grace of the masters of the Order along with untiring and determined efforts of my revered guide Sri K.C.N. to have been bestowed with such experiences of superfine spiritual states. The psychological nature of these rings of Egoism and rings of Splendour as contrasted from the meta- physical points of view is unique splendid and masterly in exposition. No worker in the field of

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