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Restraint required nowadays is much more than what it was for Sage Vishwamitra. Practice of meditation on points A and B and Prayer before going to bed are vital. The casuality is that non performance of bed time prayer is sought to be explained away as due to being tired after days work, not feeling well etc., Most often though no one confesses it is due to lust and baser instincts demanding attention. Lessons are to be learnt very assiduously in this plane.
In the third set of 13 points we have the problems of lack of clarity on the goal and the way in which the Master is perceived. Only study of the basic texts of the Master can help in owning up the conditions and clear up odd notions of devotion, surrender, jnana etc.,
The fourth set of 13 points relates to Vijnanamaya kosa, and the fifth set relates to Ananda maya kosa. Journey through these is usually by passed by the grace of the Master. In fact after M1 the states or all related to 4 and 5 knots.
I have tried to present the various conditions obtaining in these points in the adjoining table:

   179   180   181   182   183