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sense the regal status of the Lord and having developed piety now enters the real journey. The stage of going beyond expression having been reached the Aspirant is now ready to shed the various sheaths of existence and the long and final lap of journey begins.
It is necessary to recall that all existence consists of five Kosas starting from annamaya kosa through Pranamaya, Manomaya, and Vijnanamaya to anandamaya kosa. The soul is enwrapped by five sheaths of consciousness is a well-known fact. It may also be remembered that the aspirant in Sri Ram Chandra’s Rajayoga does not go through the journeys fully in various knots and is allowed to move on to the higher stages by the Grace of the Master experienced through Pranahuti and therefore there is considerable portion of the journeys to be done there. But the Great Master identified the means by which the Aspirant need not struggle himself at the lower levels and that one may virtually complete the journeys at the lower levels by going through various knots beyond the Prapanna Prabhu gati.

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