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they study and understand the paragraphs concerning the phenomenon of Supreme Personality / Special Personality. It is my earnest appeal to all the readers to understand about the powers of this Special Personality, His domain and the nature of that Consciousness practically. Sri K.C.N. talks about D3 consciousness too. Further, the nature of Chit-lake, thoughts and feelings while traversing the point of Saraswathi have been explained in detail. The 8th Knot from where the realm of Para- Brahmand Mandal starts is discussed eloquently leaving no room for any confusion. Those who moved sufficiently / moving in the 8th Knot are aware of the puzzling intrudes of thoughts pertaining to sex and sensual pleasures are sure to have a sigh of relief after studying about this Knot. It is really invigorating. Sri K.C.N. discusses extensively on Knots 9 and 10.
The descriptions of the conditions of Prapanna Gati, Prabhu and Prapanna Prabhu Gati are splendid and delighting.
Now comes the masterly contributions of Sri K.C.Narayana concerning the 64 Points and journey through them after Prapanna Prabhu Gati. This research material is a boon to humanity. Though these 64 Points are the discoveries of the Great

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