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simply for having forgotten the Lord even for a second. Thus while it may appear repentance is common in the super fine state of consciousness of superior type here, there is a feeling of separation and consequent repentance for forgetting Master. Though the feeling of sobbing grief wells up in the heart at the time of repentance it is not of the same magnitude felt earlier. When an aspirant comes to this stage and does not feel the sobbing grief at the same time of feeling repentance he can consider himself to have reached Laya Avastha in the state of Prapanna gati.
Tenth knot:
It is well known that greed is at the root of theft but only those that have the grace of God know that it is at the root of begging also. Much of what is called as “Prayer” is really no better than begging. The fortunate aspirant who has obtained access up to this stage knows that God really knows what he needs. The aspirants’ confidence which is infinitely increased due to the awareness of the nearness of the Lord enables him to understand that the Master knows what he wants and what is required for the

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