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Master calls it dominates all the perceptions. The capacity to be always in a state of prayer is what is developed here fully. The feeling that the aspirant is a true servant and he is approaching the great Master in the humble capacity of an insignificant beggar gets engrossed in his mind. He puts up everything before his Master, resigning himself completely to His will. In other words he assumes his real form after surrendering everything to the Master. He withdraws himself from all sides and turns completely towards Him losing all worldly charms. There is absolutely no other form of remembrance than the remembrance of the Lord and the process of negation starts. When the remembrance of the Master finally turns into a state of pulsations and vibrations felt through the entire system of body and mind one can be said to have reached the pinnacle of negation. The movement between the two states mentioned above is the dynamic movement of soul in its journey to infinite in the sphere of Para Brahmand. When the second stage mentioned above reigns supreme it may be taken as total annihilation of self. In this state he will never turn

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