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However, those practicing meditation in the Trikuti require noting the point carefully. The Great Master Sri Ramchandraji says that “the people generally do meditation on the upper layer of the center which remains flickering because it is all the time distributing energy to the human body for different works. On account of this work of distribution there is some activity in form of vibrations. The proper method is to meditate on the base of it.
It naturally follows that this is above the realms of Sun and Moon. Tradition has it that the eyes of the human being represent these two luminaries. Going beyond Sun and Moon is to be understood only as going beyond the Pind Desh and entering the Brahmand. As a matter of fact this Ajna chakra is said to have two petals (Dwidala) which symbolize Sun and Moon and is the Center of Duality. It is said that in this center the vital forces of the yogi assemble before he finally leaves the world and enters the Purana Purusha.
The six yogic centres of Mooladhara to Ajna are generally represented as two triangles which are

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