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appreciated only in this. The average man who lives and moves in the realm of matter and self- aggrandizement has no inkling of this potential lying buried in him. The real message of the prophets and Avatars is that they show to mankind the possible limits of human approach. However, unfortunately mankind has always made the gurus, masters, Avatars and prophets, Gods and thought it enough to worship them rather than follow their examples in their lives.
Sixth knot:
The various chromatic visions end with the Pind. In the realm of the Divine, achromatic perceptions and visions alone occur. The fusion of the various colours to one of colourlessness is an experience by itself. The Master says the light seen here is sufficiently bright but has certain haziness about it. When the aspirant completes his Yatra in this knot the haziness goes away and bright light remains. But the bright light experienced is not dazzling but is sufficiently bright and cool.

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