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straight. The condition at this point is peculiar. From this point, the energy which we consume is diverted towards the lower regions. During our journey to this point, the major condition which one experiences is a feeling of something like shadowy darkness. This is only a clue to show that we have finally to go beyond light. Its real nature pertains neither to light nor darkness but to a dawn like colour.”
The Kanta chakra is located easily at the base of the neck between the collarbones. (Figure 6)
Though Rev. Babuji has not given in detail how these knots are related to various Niyamas or Yamas, tradition has it that Yamas and Niyamas are closely related to the elements and a sadhaka who tries to assess himself with reference to the progress he has made may do well to note them. To say that one has crossed a particular knot without a reasonable control and command over that element which is related to, it would only be deceiving himself. To narrate or claim to narrate all that is stated or available in tradition is not possible.

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