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region (See Appendix-2). That Divine willed its strength this way is the understanding of the enlightened.
When a sadhaka is traversing this sphere he would feel calmness and peace. He is likely to experience light of the nature of moonshine. It is also possible he feels the colour red which turns itself into white later. The peace and happiness one feels here may be said to be similar to that of the Satchitananda experience. The purity of the state is such that the reflection of higher states may make the sadhaka feel that he is having the original experience itself. The influx of the divine flow in a sadhaka who has got the knot cleaned thoroughly will be so intense that he may feel that he is drowned in Divinity itself. The grip and engulfing feeling experienced here in such a state cannot be described in words. It is total and all consuming. Yet there is a certain amount of heaviness in that feeling which should be sufficient for a sadhaka to yearn for the original and seek the Ultimate state.
The outermost covering i.e. annamaya kosa having got loosened, the spirit is enabled to move

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